CNN reporter Will Ripley recently experienced this kind of life and shared his experience on He toured Beijing without his wallet and finds he can still buy anything he wants. Lets take a look at how he managed to live in Beijing without a wallet.  CNN电视台记者威尔·来弗最近体验了一把新式生活,并且在CNN官网上共享了他的经历。



双语科技百科(地理) 第27期:郑和下西洋_任天堂娱乐登录入口

Envoy of Peace-Zheng He’s Great Voyages郑和下西洋In the early days of the Ming Dynasty,that is, early in the 15th century,China was an advanced country in the world,with a booming economy and prosperous culture. In order to strength the relations with countries lying to the west of China as well as to flaunt the national power of the Great Ming Empire,Em-peror Ming Chengzu launched a series of marine activities.Between 1405 and 1433,Zheng He was ordered seven times to ad as an en-voy to these countries,known as “Zheng He’s voyages to the west seas”,as the main activities were carried out in the west sea area of today’s Kalimantan Island,known as west seas in ancient times.15世纪初的明朝,国力衰弱,经济繁盛,文化兴旺。

投资行下重注 下一个阿里巴巴将来自印度:任天堂娱乐官网

Temasek Holdings, the Singaporean sovereign wealth fund with a $180 billion investment portfolio, is betting big on the future of India’s e-commerce. It recently invested in the Indian e-tailerSnapdeal with the expectation that the volume of transactions in that country’s burgeoning e-commerce market will increase by a factor of at least six over the next three to four years.享有1,800亿美元投资人组的新加坡主权基金淡马锡控股公司(Temasek Holdings)在印度的电子商务上押下了重注。